Hi all how are you doing good l hope l have ppms for 8 years now and 11 weeks ago was told l had a brain tummer that was cancer it was removed and l am on a set of tablets 5 days then bloods test 22 day wait then 5 days tablets for 6 months doing ok l hope just making me tied or its the ms and warm days just wondering if anyone has had to cope with both l think it is making me stronger well take care regards Jan xxxx

Hi Jan, sorry to hear this,lifes a bitch,as if you didnt have enough with the MS,

i don 't know how people cope when they get a double whammy, i really dont.


J x

Well Jan you knock my probs into cocked hat!! I wish you all the luck you need & more, you sound so strong,

js keep it that way, good luck to you,

Julien xx

Wow Jan- you are so brave…xxxx (((((((hugs)))))))))))

Thinking of you x

You are so strong and brave. Do whatever you need to xxxxx

May thanks all its so nice to no you are all there thinking of me l am just trying to fight the cancer and but the ms is slowing e down but fight l will xx regards jan

What amazing strength of character you must have. I hope you are getting the support you need, and hope for your speedy recovery.

Take care fluffyollie xx

Hi jan139, hope you are doing well and still hanging in there. I too have had other diagnoses since my MS was diagnosed in 1998. Crohn’s in 2012 (which I’m told is not unusual as both are autoimmune disorders) and last year I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. Luckily, it was caught v early and only treatment required was a hysterectomy but the surgery has set my MS back a bit. Just trying to keep positive, active as much as possible and a smile on my face. You are not alone out there and I too believe that all of it only makes us stronger :relaxed:. Take care x

Hi Bella l think we all try to keep positive its just hard sometimes had mri tue last week went to see the dr thu to be told that my paperwork was not there as my dr was on holiday !!! so go back next week to pick up my next course of tablet s hopefully there will have good news love Jan take care

Best wishes to you and good luck with your treatment. It’s fabulous that you are so positive - stay strong and keep smiling. Hope things improve rapidly for you. Hugs x

Hi All,

just to let you know had MRI scan week last Tuesday went to hospital yesterday dr said scan was Clear still on the tablets go back next month another mri later to see if the tumour has grown back please keep your fingers crossed for me l do feel ok apart from the ms that is take care love to all regards Jan xx

That’s great news Jan! xx

Hi All month 5 at the end of oct next set of tablets, We hope to move into our new bungalow l cannot wait to be on one level will help me no end don t like the idea of moving getting stressed with all the packing boxes all over the place but l will keep chin up. take care regards Jan