MS & Lung Cancer

Hello All hope you are as well as possible. Has anyone else who has MS suffered with Lung Cancer? I have recently found out that I have Lung Cancer and am due to start radiotherapy very soon. My question is how did you cope with the extra fatigue and all that goes with it? All answers would be appreciated, thank you.



sorry to hear this Janet.

J x

Janet, I’m so sorry to read this. With all good wishes. Val xx

Awful news Janet I can’t offer practical advice only my long distant support for your treatment.

Jan x

hi janet

what a double whammy!

you got through your dx with ms and your dx with cancer.

you will get through the treatment too.

the macmillan nurses are fantastic - they really helped my friend and her family.

sending you all my love, gentle hugs and healing wishes

carole xx

Hi Janet,

First of all, I’m so sorry for your ‘double whammy’. You’d think that we had our fair share just having MS wouldn’t you? :frowning:

Secondly, I was very close to posting the same question myself. I’m due to start radiotherapy (for breast cancer) myself this week. I too am concerned about how the fatigue will impact my MS fatigue, as it’s one of my worst symptoms…

Only one person (on another MS forum) was able to reply to me, and she said that it was exhausting and to get as much help as possible. I’ve now done my Xmas prezzie shop and I’ll be buying ‘bung in the oven’ stuff for the festive meal.

I hope that someone is able to answer your (our) question, but in the meantime, I’ll happily keep you updated if you’d like?

Mags :slight_smile: xx

My thanks to you all for your good wishes, MrsJ, Val, Jan, and Mags so sorry to hear your in the same boat. I to have heard that it is very exhausting amongst other nasty side effects. I have decided that if I do become so tired I will just sleep, as they say that sleep is the best healer. Mine starts on the 14th December and ends in January, good way to bring in the new year!!! Yes Mags I’d love you to keep me updated and I will be thinking of you and wish you a complete recovery. All best wishes and (((((HUGS))))) for you.



i hope the treatment isn’t as bad as you fear,and also for you too Mags.

J x

Thank you Mrs J for your kind words much appreciated.



Thank you J. :slight_smile: xx

All I can say is best wishes, good luck and stay strong life really isn’t a rehearsal x