It is a long time since I have been on this website and now I find it has all changed and much more complicated and I dont think I like it .I like just being able to chat and a few jokes


any change usually brings resistence-hope you stay with it, read the jokes and other info u can get. i can type a reply but no idea how to copy a post! just do what u can

ellie x

Welcome back. The site has changed,and to my mind because the MS Society have rigourously and heartlessly applied Confidentiality guidelines,and parts of SOVA legislation…Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults.

The upshot is that peeps may jump to E-mail sooner than they may have done ‘back in the day’ so whatever the intention it is negated.

Sorry for hijacking your post,but you will find the same mix of ‘Wit+Wisdom’ and the people…Ah, the people


Hi, yeh I know. we did lose quite a few of the oldies when the set up changed. Lesser technos, like me, stuck with it and are glad we did. Because the old camaraderie, support, advice, and yes, jokes too are very much still alive and kicking!

luv Pollx