Hello. Don’t know where to start so I may ramble. I am a 53 year old female coeliac. About 7 years ago I suffered a reasonably light blow to the back of the head. Everything went black for about 30 seconds. Ever since I have experienced almost constant dizziness, headaches, staggering, muscle weakness, neck pain, nausea, fatigue, confusion, memory loss and symptoms of early onset dementia and depression. I went for an MRI Oct 2012 which confirmed cervical spondilitis and a 6mm lesion to the right of my pituitary gland. I went for a second MRI specific to the pituitary gland (july 2013) and the lesion has miraculously disappeared. My headaches have got worse. My nausea and balance issues got really bad until this morning. I am being referred to a Neurologist as my endocrinologist says it is pointless me staying with him. I am now a wheelchair user due to severe foot pain although I have no foot damage. I have hot flushes which I put down to hormones. I am noise sensitive now and my vision is blurry to the point where I need specs. My Dr and I are at our wits end. I by chance tonight, googled, “disappearing lesions” and MS came to the fore. I am here to find out if MS is worth persuing as a possibility. Any thoughts are appreciated. I am also being treated for fybromyalgia.

Hi Sillyak!

Sorry to hear your having all these problems with nothing to pin them on!

The pituitary thing rings a bell with me! My first brain scan showed lesions throughout the brain and an enlarged pituitary gland so I went for all these endocrine tests. They all came back clear which means whatever is causing it to be enlarged is not causing it to secrete hormone etc.

However I suffer terribly with temperature intolerance - both heat intolerance as well as cold intolerance - at first I too thought it was menopause but that has been systematically ruled out (although I have the normal ‘flashes’ too!!). I also suffer with vision problems.

My second brain scan also showed a tiny lesion on/near my hypothalamusI have no answers but I’ve been told any lesion however small in this area can cause havoc with your body thermoregulation

So a 6mm lesion is a relatively large one to have in this area!

I think they have done the right thing referring you to a neurologist - hopefully you’ll get some answers!!

What treatment have they got you on for the fibro? xxxjenxxx

Hi Jen. Pregabalin 150mg twice a day, amitryptaline, betahistine for the giddiness. I cannot figure out how a 6mm lesion can just disappear. It’s too strange.