MS type symptoms?

Hey I’m new here! I do not have MS (as it stands) but I have been having some worrying symptoms for a while so today I took the step of actually telling a GP. The GP has asked me to have a blood test next week and go from there.

Obviously whenever I Google my symptoms MS comes up as a main hit. What I wonder is, am I being dramatic thinking these symptoms might be MS?

My symptoms are the following;

-frequent urination - this is nothing new, something I’ve struggled with for over a decade, have learned to live with it.

-struggling to walk due to heavy/stiff legs & pain & weakness like going to fall over - this is new & has happened intermittently. It has worried me as a healthy (???) 34 year old - as it makes me feel like a frail old lady like I’m going to fall over.

-lower back pain when wake up in the morning - struggle to stand up - has been happening intermittently for months

-brain fog - but I have had Covid in the last few months so I am presuming it’s that to be honest.

-new clumsiness - dropping things and smashing them :grimacing: also quite new

-pins and needles / numbness in hands/feet/lips/fingers

And obviously fatigue but I mean who doesn’t have fatigue in this day and age?! So I don’t really worry too much about that.

Intrigued to hear peoples thoughts. My sister thinks I just have chronic fatigue as she has had similar symptoms with leg weakness in the past. But as I had such a bad day yesterday with simply walking I thought maybe enough is enough and I should use the NHS for once.

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Hi Maddy

there are people on this forum more qualified to speak than me but yes! Time to use the NHS for once! The earlier you can get clarity on any form of diagnosis the better…

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Hi @Maddy1237. Sounds like you have a lot going on and whilst Dr google has its place, you really do need NHS intervention and support. I’m not currently diagnosed but like you had put up with symptoms far too long. After a productive chat with my doctor I have been referred to a neurologist. See what your blood results say and go from there. Perhaps give some thought to what you would like to happen at your next appointment, if you are not offered a referral. You could ask if your symptoms, as they are worrying you so much, are worth a referral. Keep in touch with us.

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Covid does some pretty weird things to some people. Hope you get some answers soon. Good that you have spoken to your GP about it.