MS Therapy Centres, a great benefit

Hi everyone,

I was dx in 2012 but only discovered the existence of MS therapy centres this year. Each centre is an independent charity and offer a range of services to support You can find out if there is a centre accessible to you through this website

I’ve attended the one in Reading and so far had physio, hyperbaric oxygen therapy ( sitting in a pressurised chamber and breathing pure oxygen) and a chiropodist. There are many other treatments and support available. The majority of services are provided on a voluntary contribution basis and if people can’t afford to contribute they are happily provided free of charge.

At your initial attendance you’re given a welcome tour where everything is explained and your initial treatments can be booked.

Anyway I was completely unaware of their existence and have heard similar stories so I thought I’d share this knowledge.

health and happiness


Hi Adam The therapy centres look amazing but unfortunately there aren’t any within 100 miles of where I live although I do know there is a hyperbaric oxygen centre about 30 miles.