MS Tanks and Ts

Hi Girls and Guys,

I am an artist/designer. I would like to make some comic MS Tanks and Ts to raise money and awareness.

I plan on working with my partner (art director) to make them look both fashionably, comical and wearable. I will have designs finalised soon.

I am also designing a collection of jewellery made of silver - but cast little silver teeth on charm along with a horseshow as ‘good luck’ necklace… perhaps I can use this to raise money for the MS society?

What do you think. I would love to hear your throughts. Sorry there are no pics - I have been having a relapse so although I have been sketching I have not uploaded these to the computer or updated them using computer software.

Any other fashionistas on this site?

Also my friends have some good connections in the fashion industry - I want to petition designers to help on an awareness campaign. Just because I am hot doesn’t mean I am not ill’ etc etc.

What do you think.


I meant fashionable not fashionably.

tumbleweed ha.

tumbleweed ha.


Would be interested in T’s if sleeve nearer elbow than under arm.

Probably no help . I am into art and typing my name into web search will bring up my website. Let me know what you think. A whole body of work was ‘Sense of Felt’ about sensory problems, pain, fatigue and numbness.

Good luck - its good to have a project.


Love your work. This is brilliant stuff. You are a real artist. Beautiful works. I loved your use of texture to depict the actual MS self.


Thank you for the tip. I am going to try and do my best. x

One of my pieces about Fatigue, title, ‘Tigued’ was enjoyed by many. All my pieces were meant to be handled and the messages from people who learnt in a small way by handling the work how it felt to be in pain, fatigued or numb was encouraging. Making all the work was great fun although it took me a long time and caused a lot of discomfort. I am hoping to exhibit this work again in another area, if I can find manned gallery space. I can only manage a couple of hours myself so this is the limiting factor.

I hope you will post the site when you have the T images so we can take a look. Very best of luck and thank you for your kind and encouraging words.