A comic look at MS

Check out my blog. It is a comic look at MS. It is not meant to scare people that think they may have MS or are just recently diagnosed. It is meant for long standing sufferers (or strong stomached). I will upload art and comic strip stuff. Also written entries. Unfortunately there are only two posts but I hope you do read it and perhaps feel a little less lonely or isolated.


Lots of love,


‘TTTD’… I love the way you talk about ‘your’ MS, very realistic and funny! And it flows!

This is funny - I hope you keep it up!

Karen x

You certainly live the high life, eh?

All those lovely clothes an nowhere to show them off…or do you do that at work?

luv Pollx

HAHAH Thank you so much for reading my blog. No I don’t show my clothes off at work as I work with lots of mess. I am SO glad people read it.

I shall keep it up. Does anyone know how to put a blog on this site? Or perhaps encourage others to read. I will upload art and other bits later today. Woot. I was feeling really low but this has cheered me. Thanks guys. x