MS symptoms research

Hi all and apologies in advance for a lengthy first post. I have have always enjoyed good health but in recent years I am acquiring a range of symptoms which I always assumed were not connected, however, recent issues with a trembling face and neck pain have made me challenge this assumption and I was wondering what people would think of my symptoms below. Do you think I should explore further or am I overreacting to what are fairly normal complaints ? I had never really thought about MS before to be honest, though one of my relatives did have it (sadly now deceased)

I have tried to describe various symptoms in chronological order as best as I can, including what if any treatment was sought.

Excessive urination, probably for 15 years, there are periods when I can be constantly needing to pee. Sometimes I become painfully dehydrated despite drinking a lot of fluid. I was also tested for thyroid issues a few years ago and have had blood glucose tests to rule out diabetes.

Irritable bowel started in 2004 (age 24) got worse around 2009 following a virus and has never properly improved (loose stools, often caught short). I have seen a consultant and have since worked around the problem but have been caught short many times. It only ever improves if I go on a holiday. A colonoscopy in 2008 revealed no issue and hence IBS was diagnosed.

I had ear problems for about 5 years intermittently 2007-2012, ranging form swaying buildings to a pulsing heart beat noise in the ear - thankfully these have gone away now. An ear consultant inspected me and although he was able to remove some excess wax in one ear there was no problem found.

Unexplainable fatigue / tiredness. I always assumed I just needed a lot of sleep but often I can remain exhausted for weeks even on 8+ hours sleep per night, every night. I could sleep for hours more than I do .

Tremoring around the eye (currently right eye) which happens in distinct episodes. I thought seasonal (around February each year) but happening currently in June - probably for 5 years (since early 30s). I have been told to take potassium.

Shoulder/shoulder blade pain , a burning sensation, which I thought was a sports injury. Have had for 3 years and is recurring though does not now affect me permanently. Physio suggests it’s a rhomboid muscle issue due to tightness of my body but cannot explain related nerve issues. MRI scans of area show no skeletal problem.

I had one period which I thought was related to the above shoulder issue where I have discomfort in 2 of my fingers. I also have lost feeling (tingling, then numbness, then total loss of feeling) in my right arm and leg, then one Christmas the other arm and leg too, I was also getting what I would describe as an electric shock sensation - but this doesn’t seem to affect me any more other than regular pins and needles in leg which could be unrelated. Nerve conduction tests did not show anything untoward despite making me sick.

Neck pain, new symptom over the last 2 months, my neck is causing me a lot of problems (it feels muscular but not getting better) as if it isn’t strong enough to lift my head. It has caused me to wake in the night with pain in the left hand side and struggle to turn my head fully to the left. I’ve not seen anyone about this yet as hoped it would go away. I’ve had stiff neck occasionally if I sleep in an awkward position but never before something that affected me beyond a single day

Involuntary tremors in left side of the face near the upper cheek bone - a new symptom that has been affecting me for the last 2 weeks (age 37). We can feel my face shaking as if there is a muscle spasm in the face

General anxiety, wouldn’t describe as a clinical problem but I spend more time anxious than not. Not sure why, it could just be how I am. I also have irratitic mood swings that upset my partner as she says the onset of these is very rapid, again could just be unrelated flaw. I’ve never progressed this line of enquiry.

I have no other issue with vision than that described above and I don’t have any difficulties with speech other than finding it easier to write down my thoughts than vocalise them

I am generally pretty fit. Last time I was tested I have very high anti-oxidant levels and not often ill. I’ve had two children though I would say my sex drive is pretty low.

Sorry not a great note to end on !

Any thoughts appreciated

Hey there,
I’m not much help although it seems we’re very similar.

I’ve had undiagnosed bowel issues they did look for celiac with no outcome, lots of ear problems which they say is excessive wax.
Lots of fatugue, they said its because i’m a mother but I don’t believe that, I can be great and other times struggle without changes in my sleep pattern. eye tremors and pain, like they’re exploding but they said theyre just dry and they found no evidence of the eye twitching. Right side shoudler pain which I’d put down to playing netball. I did have tingling in my wrist which they said was carple tunnel but the nerve test came back fine. Tons of neck pain intermittanly which they’ve blamed on a fall at 2yo which resulted in a cracked skull. My right eye and edge of my lips twitch which they’ve said could be bells paulsy but not. I have tons of anxiety and depression linked to sexual abuse years ago, but i feel like im passed that, i’ve dealt with that. I have 3 kids and sex is the last thing on my mind.

So while i can’t help you with that i can say you’re not alone with all these ‘random’ symptoms. its crazy, chasing up all these different issues and them all being fobbed off as something else it could possibly be without much more insight.

good luck with your medical journey xx

Lauralie I do hope you get a proper diagnosis asap x