MS Society helpline x

Hi all xxx does anyone know if the MS Society helpline is also for people in my position?? ie limbo

If I rang them coul dthey advice me on what to do next - give me some ammo to put to th eGP?


Yes there for all sorts and will be able to advise you on the best way forward

I phoned them once,the Swansea office and the woman said she was only a volunteer and did not know how to advise me…

Nore could she tell me were I go for any help or how to get help.


If you phone the MSRC help line FREEPHONE 0800 783 0518 they are manned 24/7 by professionals.


Hi Jen

Yes, I’m in Limboland like you, & I rang them once. I found them to be very helpful and they gave info for me to follow up.

Give them a try - I do hope you get some support and help,

Bren x