Thank you to the ms society

After a bad week for myself and being discharged by my neuro with no dx and left to get on with my symptoms which I’ve had non stop for at least 10 mths I called the ms society for the first time as didn’t no where else to turn and all I can say is a massive thank you the helpline was great and put me in touch with my local branch who in turn have been great and are going to help me try and get some sort of answers or at least advice … I would advice anyone who is ever feeling lost to give them a call thanks again

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I second that, sent an email with lots of questions and received advice next day which I found great.

Glad they helped you too, Cody.

me to they also help me when i was very low they do a great job x

I agree, I’m still chasing a definite diagnosis (one way or the other) and have found so much support through the helpline and forum, despite being somewhat in limbo. A huge thankyou from me too :heart: