MS respite/short break

Good Morning all,

I’m reaching out on behalf of my dad. He has SPMS and is currently having a bit of a bad time with it. We discussed last night the potential of a few days respite/short break at a place that would be able to provide care for him.

He loves the idea of a heated swimming pool, oxygen chambers, massages and even just a nice warm bath!

Would anyone know which direction to point me in to find a place like this for my dad? I think mentally it would be great for him to have something every couple of months to look forward to also!

We are based in NW England, he is 53 yo and is currently in an electric wheelchair and has about 50% use of his arms.

Grateful for any help/suggestions :smiley:


Have you thought about local hospices?

What a lovely idea for your Dad.
The Calvert Trust are in the Lake District. More an activity centre than a spa break but maybe worth having a look.

Have you given The Salfordian a look - Salford City Council helps finance it - it’s in Southport, disability accessible, themed weekends and is not too expensive.

I can’t offer any suggestions, but this sounds like a wonderful idea! How good of you to support him in this.