MS relapse

Recently had the relapse from hell, lost the ability to walk, and had to be fitted with catheter , better now as I can walk again. But fell last week and high a huge bruise but I have been left from this relapse with feeling of my bloods burning down left side which up until now has been symptom free, the burning is excruciating but my arm and leg are freezing to touch, dr has tried me on all different meds with no help, anyone out there got or had this and what helps. Xxxxx


Have u tried gabapentin for the burning? X

I take amitriptyline for burning pain in my left arm. I’ve been taking it for 4 years now as I’ve tried to reduce it and the pain comes back. If that doesn’t work for you there are other neuropathic painkillers to try. What does your neuro say? There must be something else they haven’t tried you on …

My feet burn at night but it isn’t constant so I just keep a cold water bottle at the ready or put my fan on them.

Hope you find some relief soon. I think doctors don’t realise how it affects your life because they haven’t experienced it.

Tracey x

Definately needs a bump to keep it at the top hope someone knows something Janice im on pregabillin for my pain aparently but my pain is just spasms and sharp aches nothing like you describe hope it eases soon

respect sheep

i had burning leg pain earlier this year… took amitriptyline 20-30mgs in the evening… which helped lots. hope you get some relief soon x