MS relapse and oestrogen levels?

Hello all, just looking for some advice please… I have relapse/remitting MS since 2000.

A number of years ago I was advised to switch from my oral contraceptive pill Femodene to a combined mini pill as I am a migraine sufferer. Within days of taking it, I felt odd and dizzy and like my head was full of cotton wall and a feeling of not being attached to my body! I called my Ms nurse and she highlighted the pill change and told me to switch back. After a week the symptoms stopped.

On Monday I started another new contraceptive pill, still a combined pill but with a slightly higher oestrogen level (to try and prevent spotting bleeds mid cycle). I’ve had since Tuesday evening, the same dizzy symptoms and have only tonight realised the connection! I have called my Ms nurse but thought I would see if anyone else has experienced this.

Many thanks x