MS Pressure

Hi I’m new to forums and not sure how to use them and hopefully I’m doing it right.

I would like to ask about some symptoms I’ve been having if thats is ok.

I find it hard to explain them but here we go. On the right-hand side of my face on the temple it feels like pressure and a strange feeling down the side of my face. It feels numb to touch just totally different then on my left side.

The fatigue is out of this world at the minute spending a lot of time in bed.

Just wondering if anyone has the face thing.

Many thanks :blush:


I have altered sensation in the right side of the face.
Not numb but different to the left side.

I have a brain leson on the trigeminal nerve pod which hads caused the damage. I also sometimes feel pressure on my temple.

Hi TeddyBear1

Thanks for reply much appreciated take care