MS Pill Treatment ?


I just wanted know if the new pill treatment i think is called Gilenya is still on the market because i thought i heard it had been stopped but not sure

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Hi Dave.

It hasn’t got to the UK market yet :frowning:

NICE announced an interim decision which was no, despite the fact that everywhere else has approved it (including Europe, which rather confusingly includes the UK). NICE claims that it is not “cost effective”. The final decision is scheduled for December, but everyone expected it to be approved in July/August. The no was a serious blow. There’s talk that it’s a negotiating ploy - NICE say no; the manufacturer brings the price down…

All I can say is that I hope so! I’ve been waiting for it now for nearly 17 months :frowning:

If it is approved, the criteria to get it are likely to be having relapses while on an injectable DMD or having aggressive / highly active RRMS.

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Hi Karen

I knew you would know the answer i was going to direct the question to you but i thought i would leave it open. I was not sure it’s just that we are going to be talking about treatments ect when i see my MS nurse next week and i wanted to get my facts straight before i see her. I did manage to find something about it on the Internet and your right it all comes down to money or so it seems.

Thanks again Karen your a fountain of knowledge for all things MS related ( you may have knowledge in other areas but we only talk about MS ) :lol:

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LOL! I do know one or two other things, but a lot less than some :wink:

Make sure you check out the msdecisions website before you see your nurse. It’s really helpful. And remember - there’s no right choice - just go with what you think will suit you best. And don’t worry about injecting - it’s a doddle!

Karen x

Hi Dave

A message from our research team -

The treatment is licensed, but it’s not approved by NICE. This means that people can ask for it from their GP and their GP can prescribe it providing the hospital / PCT are willing to pay for it. The licensing is important because it means it’s been proven as safe and effective.


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Hi Everyone

Thank you all so much for the information it’s given me food for thought.

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