just mailed my MSP

Hi ,im from scotlandand ive just e mailed my local msp because Gilyena is not approved for use in scotland,scotland has the highest percentage of people with MS,yet we do not get the latest treatment,is this because,we get free prescriptions,and the nhs bill is full,if this is the case,id rather pay for prescriptions,so that people with all illness,get the latest and best treatment,

Hi, well done, I personally don’t want Gilenya, I am on betaferon, but if I was newly diagnosed I might well do. Think it’s a disgrace that people in Scoyland can’t get it, and yes I agree with you I would rather pay for prescriptions too if it meant people got things like Gilenya.

Good luck with your e mail.


snowbound--very intresting,,wtf do we belive about drugs ?


upytupy i have progressive MS so drug no use to me,but my theroy is tthey mite find out,that some of these drugs stop the progression,and therefore will then be avaliable for me :)

snowbound: the link you posted is irrelevant. At no point does the speaker mention MS drugs and the points he raises are no longer valid for MS drug trials. What is your motive for posting it?


wellman: I think Gilenya and Tysabri are both being tested for PPMS - it would be absolutely amazing if they work. Fingers crossed! I hope many others follow your lead and ask Scotland to fall in line with the rest of the world!

Karen x