finding fambrya

I was lucky enough having this medicine of my MS by Proff [Removed by Moderator], an MS specialist, when I was for a home visit to Turkey. I walked better, speedily, but since I came back, it became impossible to get hold of this medicine. Hopefully, Proff [Removed by Moderator] with shed extra light on this when I see him on the 7th of June, my tysbri day.

I will happy happy to hear from you,delicious people, love snd hugs, allways


Pls kindly let me know, if you are aware of this medicine called Fambyra, and use it/used to use it.

advice on Fambrya will be highly appreciated


I think you are talking about the drug that I have been on for a while, just about to come off it. It called Fampridine or Fampyra.

It is certainly available in the UK, you will just need to find a neurologist to prescribe it for you. My neuro prescribed it for me as 4/5 years ago I clearly saw benefits. Unfortunately my neuro could not prescribe it under the NHS so it was a privately funded prescription.

There are many posts on here re the drug and the pros and cons etc and a few on where it might be available.