MS or polynueropathy.?

I’ve recent been diagnosed has having polynueropathy after an EMG examination. However I’m not too clear on what this is. The neurologist said it isn’t MS, my GP seems a bit lost as this “event” was treated as a stroke when I was hospitalised earlier this year but was no show on the MIR scan. It became evident it wasn’t a stroke after a while as both legs were effected and I was unable to drive plus pins and needles in both hands. They appear unable to find out what may have caued it and I an not diabetic.


I haven’t come across Polyneuropathy before, so I’ve just done what we often advise that people don’t do and googled it.

It seems that MS and Peripheral Neuropathy or Polyneuropathy are completely different. And if the neurologist has diagnosed you with Polyneuropathy then s/he must be fairly confident that is what has caused your symptoms.

You could have a look on Peripheral neuropathy - NHS for a bit more information. Other than that, if your GP is a bit clueless, then maybe there is a neurology nurse service at your local hospital. Certainly I’ve often found that nurses are more useful when seeking information than neurologists. It’s worth a try.

Best of luck.


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