MS or not MS?

I recently fell I’ll over a period of ten weeks started off with blurred vision ( which lasted a couple of days ) bad head aches( whitch still go on ) wobbly unsteady on my feet ( which I still have ) confusion , constipation my right leg I couldn’t move for three days that happened twice almost like dragging a dead weight round , tiredness I have been under the gp who has been quite good although not telling me what’s wrong his signed me off work for the whole time and given me pain killers and come out to see me when I couldn’t get in .ive seen a neurologist who admitted me to hospital done a MRI ,ct scan and a lumber puncture as well as loads of blood tests she says that there is inflammation on my brain and more white blood cells in Spinal fluid than there should be but thinks it might just be a dymilinating episode ( what ever one of those are ) while I was in hospital they also gave me three days of steroids The doctor who I saw when I was discharged said “well u have ms” so matter of factly like I should of none but really nOw I don’t know what to think I have an appointment to go to addenbrokes to see ms doctor for more tests but just wondered what u guys thought I don’t know really what to think and am soo worried . :frowning:

Hello Coley2012,

You really seem to be being put through the wringer. Unfortunately it seems as if you are in the early stages of being told that you have MS, and this is a very stressful episode to be in. Unfortunately too, you just have to let the medics do what they have to do to make the diagnosis 100% crystal clear. If you have been through a “demyelinating episode” then this is very much like MS is - that the immune system attacks the myelin sheaths that cover all of the nerves in the body.

If I were you, I would read up on MS, so that you know all the terms and all of what might be going on - after all, forewarned is forearmed. You will feel so much stronger and confident when you get ‘the knowlege’. Come on this site whenever you feel the need, and you could ask the MS Society for lots of information. Take care of yourself, and try to relax if at all possible.

Best Wishes,