If you can get a MS nurse do they do home visits? What will they talk to u about? Is it just things about MS or will they talk to u about what’s going on in your life? Peter

My ms nurse generally works from the hospital alongside the neuro’s. She will do home visits but only in special circumstances as she is very busy.

I think you will find the role of ms nurses will differ in different areas.

My nurse is the person i call if i need any help inbetween my yearly visits to see the neuro. She can help with symptoms or problems with medication and she can arrange for you to see the neuro earlier if she thinks you need more help.

The ms nurse usually will just try to help you with anything related to ms. She can refer you for further help also such as physio/urologist/pain clinic etc. My nurse is very knowledgable about all aspects of ms.

My ms nurse is lovely and very chatty. We have had many conversations unrelated to ms as well and a great many laughs. I would rather see her than the neuro!!!

If you dont want to talk about whats going on in your life - you really dont have to and will feel no pressure to do so.

She is there to help you - not make you feel uncomfortable.


Same as Teresa, mine is very nice and always gets back to me. I go to the clinic every 6 months unless there is a problem, like a relapse, then they can see me in the Wednesday clinic.

I agree with everything that’s already be said.

My ms nurse is a real treasure, he’s always returned my calls within a day and answered my numerous questions.

He faxed a letter of support to my place of work so I would have it to take into a grievance meeting.

When I’ve needed it in the past he’s got me to see my neuro consultant within a few days.

Think I’m really lucky with all mt ms team they’ve always been nothing but extremely helpful. Wish I could clone them so everyone could share them!

Freckles x