New MS Nurse Appointment

After finally getting through to my local MS nurse after months of trying I have finally got an appointment with her woohoo and it is at a clinic a lot closer to where I live and on a day when my Aunt can actually take me.

I have read a few posts on this site about MS nurses but what do they actually do?

Hi Jon,

An ms nurse can help you with symptoms and medication. She can advise you when you have a problem. If i am having problems inbetween my yearly neuro appointments she can either help me over the phone/make an appointment to see her or if it is something she cannot deal with she will get you an appointment to see the neuro sooner. You will be given her phone number so you can speak to her directly.

My ms nurse has been really helpful as i have a useless gp. If she is busy then i leave a message on answer machine and she gets back to me usually the same day.

I realise not everyone has such a good service though. I am one of the lucky ones.

Glad you got the appointment sorted in the end.

Teresa. x

Good for you! Well I do have an MS nurse, even tho my dx is all over the place.

She has done quite a few helpful things for me.

ie. referring me to physios, continence service, therapy sessions, and even backed my LDN request with E,Med.

She is always easier to talk to than neuros. She advises me on various meds. She also advised me to contact PALS…haven`t done so…yet!

Hope your`s helps you too.

luv Pollx

Hi, I think you are at same hospital as me if I remember rightly. After your advice I spoke to MS nurse and she was great. There are only 2 of them for a huge area but she spoke to me for over half an hour by phone and within 24 hours of me phoning. She gave me advice on meds and what to expect at my next neuro appt. This was really helpful as didn’t know I had access to physio, and Occ Health at that appt so can be prepared with lots of questions. She talked me through some DMD options too which I will discuss further with neuro next week. My experience has been all positive, hope yours is too. Carolyne.


The ms nurse is a link between your neuros and gp. Mine comes to see me at home. If it’s difficult to get to her perhaps you could request a home visit?