MS no longer possible?


i was wondering if anyone can give me advice about this before I go back for my next neuro appointment. In 2013 after MRI and other tests I was told I possibly had mild MS, but it equally could be nothing. I’ve had on and off numbness, burning and spasms mainly in right foot and hand. After the tests I’ve tried to put it to the back of my mind, but I found I was always wondering about what it could be. Then in January I had another MRI which has come back saying there are no significant changes. Im hoping this means it’s safe to say that it’s no longer possible to have MS or at least even less likely.

Hi, a bit difficult to give you an answer to this one chuck.

It is possible that you dont have MS, but I reckon best thing is just to wait for next appointment and see what the big fella says, eh?

Have you got that appointment yet?

Let us know how it goes, yeh?


Can you have mild MS??


thanks poll I have an appointment in a couple of weeks

i don’t know if mild ms is a thing. I was told if I had ms my symptoms were very mild and I was aware of that because they were more annoying and the feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

Awe that’s a rotten thing for you,they shouldn’t mention it till they are sure you have ms or not. Leaving you in limbo like that isn’t on. I really hope you get a decent answer at you appointment and they are able to Dx something and get on fixing it for you. Unfortunately ms is a hard one to Dx so you sometimes you don’t know right away if the neuro is rubbish or the ms is hidden real good. Got fingers and everything crossed for you…Terry

Hi Terry

Thank you for your reply. I think I was told it might be because on my first MRI showed 3 specific lesions. EP’s and LP came back normal. I believe this is why it couldn’t be ruled out. I was thinking now I could get the all clear but I’m not so sure now, it’ll probably be the same outcome, which doesn’t explain any of these mild feeling symptoms. The worse thing for me though is cognitive problems especially if I’m tired. It’s like my brain switches off and even simple tasks become really difficult. This makes it difficult to be in company because other people don’t know what could be wrong (and I’m scared of looking like an idiot!)

I have the head fog too,it’s murder! I have found the people that matter know what’s happening so don’t make a big deal of it though. Your friends and fam will be the same i would imagine once they know it happens sometimes. I also get worse as i get more tired throughout the day. It’s really hard to Dx MS and some neuros seem not to want to commit to a Dx and some band it about more than they should. There are also loads of things that are similar to MS,the brain is a serious bit of software (allegedly) so you may have to stick it out a while longer unfortunately. Hope you get a Dx of something and they can sort it…fingers crossed for you…Terry

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Hi Leyla, your situation sounds a lot like mine. I had an MRI showing multiple lesions and I have peculiar sensations and numbness in my right leg and sometimes right hand and arm, my balance is affected and I’m always tired. I have days when I feel like I haven’t got 2 brain cells to rub together…I can’t remember names of simple things and people ask me stuff and I just look at them like they’re talking a foreign language, my brain just feels like a vacuum! 3 different GP’s have told me I have MS, 2 specialists have said it’s probably MS but because repeated scans don’t show any progression (even though I get new symptoms) they can’t/won’t give me an official diagnosis. I’ve told people I know well what the situation is and that makes it easier when you’re having a bad day. Like you, they’ve described mine as a “mild” form of MS, I guess because the symptoms are not too bad at the moment. I’ve kind of resigned myself to being in no-mans-land diagnosis-wise for the forseable future, but some days it’s really hard. Best of luck with your next appointment, hope you get some answers soon. Ang


thanks for your replies. I think the worst thing about not knowing is the feeling that things are getting worse. I’m on my feet all day and my right foot just feels so different to the left. It’s like is wrapped with thick socks but not completely numb. I used to play drums but stopped because most of the time my right foot would just stop joining in and highlights the problem. The whole leg gets really itchy at bedtime when I’m warmer and I’ve also been woken in the middle of the night with my right arm having an itch that’s right inside my arm.

this is just some of the things that are annoying me right now

I know I won’t get diagnosed and I’m happy not to be but I just want to feel better,but I’m concerned worrying and thinking about it is making this happen.

I need something that can take my mind off things. I used to take amitriptyline and wonder if this may help, I also have too much time to think at work

Hi Leyla

I’m in a similar undiagnosed situation.

​I’ve found even if I feel rubbish (really really tired, numb foot, weak hand/arm, dizzy) if I can persuade my body to cooperate enough to get me to my friends house (walk 1/4 mile across fields, where they live can’t be accessed by car) just being out in the fresh air and spending time with people who make me laugh makes me feel so much better.

What I’m trying to say is if you have anything you can do which makes you feel good about yourself, celebrate that thing and do it as often as possible. The endorphins your body produce when you’re enjoying yourself will make you feel so much better. Live for the moment.

Good luck