MS in the Media

I heard a play on Radio4 on Wednesday afternoon titled ‘The Sod.’ A none too subtle pun.

It was good theatre but what it said about MS and the effect on both sufferers and carers, I leave to you, should you listen to it. At times it tended to highlight some of the common symptoms, more like an awareness raising exercise, but the motive behind the play was laudable enough. At least the author has personal experience of MS. The hero of the play is middle class, educated and articulate and appears on the receiving end of a surfeit of well-meant, practical help. Probably not a reality for many, no doubt.

Contrast this with the initially desolate tale recently reported on the BBC news website. Ultimately, the story is uplifting. I recommend you read this, if you can.

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Alun Thanks for sharing. The play & the extra scene echo some of my thoughts and feelings. It must be a blinkin’ nightmare for the partners and spouses. The article also has resonances for me, one of the things my MS has taught me is that the goalposts are always shifting. Things that 5 years ago would havebeen life changers are now just part of “todays normal” Cheers Mick

Very interesting; thanks for sharing.