Radio play about MS this afternoon

Hi gang,

There’s a play on BBC Radio 4 this afternoon (Wednesday) about a couple dealing with MS.

Called ‘The Sod’ it says in Radio Times ‘Vashti Maclachlan’s unsentimental love story in which young couple Sarah and Tom have just taken an allotment. While Tom tries to open Sarah’s eyes to the bleak reality of his worsening multiple sclerosis, she does all she can to keep things growing, including their love’.

It will be available on BBC Radio iplayer afterwards.

Should be interesting.

Hope all are well. Where’s summer???

Love Pat xx

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Sorry forgot to say it’s on at 2.15 pm. Pat xx

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Thanks Pat have put it in my “Remind me” this afternoon.

Amazon lady

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Thanks Pat!

Nina xx

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Was a good play I thought.

Anyone else listen?

It really was good the way it brought up emotional issues that we all have sometimes with MS… including anger.

The woman who wrote it has first hand experience as her partner had MS. Sadly he died after she had written the play.

So I would say if you are feeling emotionally fragile it might not be for you… although the play concentrates on when he is first dx with SPMS and first starts having mobility issues etc.

Pat xx

In case you’re interested, here’s a (pretty positive) review of the play, by one of our Twitter followers (who has MS). May influence if you want to give it a whirl or not.

Stewart (admin)

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Thanks Stewart. Good review!

Pat xx

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