A heartwarming tale.

I saw this on the MSS facebook page.

We’d like to share a very moving story that aired yesterday on The One Show: Colin was considering ending his life – but then a stranger called Rona came along. Two amazing people living with MS! Watch their story – forward to 35:00min:

That moved me to tears. It is so true that nobody explains what help there is and it is a struggle to find out. The fact is,if you don’t know you don’t know and nobody tells you. God bless Rona xxx

Thanks for the link, what a lovely positive story for anyone in need. Also highlights MS

Chrissie x

Watched it last night, really inspirational & lovely. The world could do with more people like Rona in it. xx

That was lovely! And shows what groups like that and indeed forums like this are great for networking and finding this stuff out!!

One day, there will be a holistic service that kicks in when a person is diagnosed with a potentially life altering disease. All the services will be brought together, specialist nurses (eg MS nurses), social services, housing services, benefits, continence specialists, physiotherapy, OT, psychology, wheelchair services, orthotics, FES, employment advice including access to work, (plus everything I’ve not thought of). Groups such as Rona started up won’t be needed, because we will all have the contact details of all available services. And maybe a coordinator to ensure we all have all the help we need to live decent, healthy, productive, happy lives.

Wouldn’t that be good?

Meanwhile, we are lucky to have this site. Rona and her ilk do wonderful things in their local communities. Hopefully there will be more connected services in the future.


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Lovely, lovely piece. But I wish Rona would get in touch with the MS Society - there must be some overlap between her idea of local groups and the local MS Society groups that already exist in many places. I might try and get in touch with her to talk about it - she did look like a great person to know.