MS Hug

Hi fellow followers,

I’m trying to work out whether I’m experiencing the ms hug or have a bad case of indigestion or heartburn.

The pain in my chest is like a pressing, squashing sensation which goes right up to my throat.

The unusual thing is that it is brought on by cold air. I wear all the right layers, my body is toasty warm, then whether I’m indoors or out, the slightest chill, my chest and throat feel cold then crushing and pain. Almost as if I’ve inhaled in cold and its hurting from the inside. This also wakes me up at night if the temperature drops.

I already take omezporal for all the meds I’m on. But strangely enough I do find additional gavisgon liquid eases it a bit. But I’m sure it’s not heartburn and does not happen when I eat but when the air I’m breathing is cold.

Well I’ve put it out there! And would be so glad to hear from anyone who can identify with this. I usually find the advice and shared experiences on this site far more beneficial than that from most ms nurses.

Thank you and Happy Christmas.

Keisha x

Difficult to say; all we can do is tell you the facts then you interpret, see

The Trust say that the best relief; believe it or not, is wearing a hat. It seems the brain is more interested in the hat and relaxes the muscles. Sounds wacky but worth a try.


Thank you George,

I’ve just put on my daughters hat whilst uncomfortable on sofa!

I’ll will check out that link and let you know how I get on.


Keisha x

Hi George,

The hat thing worked for a bit, like a distraction, then continued.

Had a rough weekend but better now. Just had to ride the storm!

thanks for your support.

Keisha x