MS hug?


I’m looking for advice for my husband. We are currently on holiday and he is experiencing excruciating pain around his lower back and abdomen.

He has PPMS and says the pain is similar to when he had shingles many years ago. He is wondering whether it could be his kidneys but he has no other symptoms that would suggest this. I’m wondering whether it could be “MS hug”

Heis staying in an air conditioned room with cool towels over his head and neck - he can’t bear me touching his back because of the pain and sensitivity. He has taken some baclofen to see if this helps.

We are wondering whether we should consult a doctor out here - but we are in Bali and not sure they would have any experience.

Any comments or advice would be most welcome

thank you


I wasn’t sure what an MS hug was so just looked it up.

It says the chest, not the kidneys. But I really think you need to get some proper medical advice very soon. Perhaps the MS helpline might be able to direct you? Or trying a local doctor.

Also, thinking NHS 111 but not sure how you phone from Bali

hope your husband is ok


Could he have a UTI? I had one a number of years ago that became pyelonephritis a kidney infection. Does he have a temperature. I’d say see a doctor as no one here can diagnose him and it is risky to assume it’s MS related, it could be something else.


There should be a reasonable amount of English speaking doctors out there as it is a big holiday destination for Aussies.Dont assume it is MS related as by the sounds that’s unlikely.The pain sounds severe and if your travel rep doesn’t know of a doctor perhaps you can find the nearest big hospital.The other thing is to try to keep him as. well hydrated as you can,too.I would seek urgent medical attention

Sorry my post seemed so abrupt I am struggling with the technology (pathetic).The problem if having a chronic illness is that everyone starts to pin all symptoms on it and can miss other things.I hope it is easily sortable and that you can get on with your holiday.There is w probably a British type consel person who may know the best route to good medical care partner is a middle-aged man with severe pain related to MS.However he does develop other things too.take care and all the best.