MS HUG (a cautionary tale)

If you haven’t had it before please be careful that you don’t assume you have this MS hug, my son did never having had it before and having read the descriptions and spoken to his MS friends, it certainly sounded like it.

Alas it got worse and worse over a few day’s and finally he ended up in hospital with so much fluid on his lungs he could have drowned. Still very ill and could need surgery :(. I would hate for anyone to go through what he has.

I’m sorry to hear of your son’s experience. Thank you for sharing this. I am fairly new to ms, just over a year since diagnosis, but the one thing the ms nurses have said to me is if it’s new let us know and don’t worry about contacting them and not everything is ms related. I thing your son’s experience underlines this message. I hope he makes a full recovery.

wishing your son a full recovery.

You sound a strong person and your son is lucky to have you by his side. Just having you there must be such a comfort for him. Take care of yourself too.

Thank you for your kind comment, just feel terrible guilt for not insisting sooner some one come to help him.

Hopefully they will be able to help him at the 2 nd hospital he is being moved to tomorrow.

Thank you chatterbox, sorry you have to put up with this disease it is very scary to begin with.

He did let the nurse know and she managed to get him and ‘emergency’ appointment with his doctor but it was for a week later!!. Good luck

Thank you Carol :slight_smile: Hopefully know more on Monday.

sorry to hear this. I hope your son recovers soon. I think we all tend to put everything down to our MS, I know I do.

Is your son in the 2nd hospital now? Don’t feel guilty as you are doing your best. M.S. is confusing even for doctors.