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I should have had a foot operation in October but it was cancelled by the hospital. So today was the big day. I had opted for a local anaesthetic rather than a general. I had a nerve block in my foot and four injections but I could still feel some pin pricks so another four injections to top up. I would not mind but part of my foot is numb anyway. By this time my foot was so hot the surgeon said he could fry an egg on it! I was taken into theatre but when the tourniquet was applied my leg went into spasm and my foot kept snatching away. Apparently they could get round that problem, not sure how unless they sat on me! But the foot still had small areas that would not freeze so after all the injections and a syringe full of antibiotics the operation was cancelled. I have a swollen foot and ankle which will remain numb for up to twenty four hours.

I now have to decide whether to go ahead with a general anaesthetic sometime in the future.

What I found upsetting was that they found I had impaired feeling in my left foot where as the damage has only been on the right side until now.

Sorry rant over feeling stressed!

Aw, poor you. That sounds like a horrific experience and a day that you wouldn’t wish on anyone.

I am sorry. And to find there’s problems where you’d thought there were none must have put a tin hat on it (so to speak). I hope the numb and swollen foot will go down without a load of sensory disturbance. And that you find the decision to have the operation an easy one!!


Hi Sue thanks for the sympathy I was definitely feeling sorry for myself last night. I have come to terms with the operation not going ahead. I see my neurologist in a couple of weeks and the podiatrist in January so I will decide after talking to them both. I have Hallux Rigidus in both feet as I have stage four osteoarthritis so really need an operation on both feet. Perhaps I should have turned to the gin and chocolate you all mention on the brain fog blog!!! Thank you for the suggestion of a Topro rollator I have now bought one and although I have not tried it outside I have found no problems indoors. Derek mentioned that as I have a dropped foot I might have a problem with the wheels and I do tend to kick the wheels of my grandson’s pushchair. As the Topro is designed for the user to walk between the handles rather than behind it this has been fine. Derek made a valid point and something others should consider when choosing a rollator. Sue

Gin and chocolate is not an answer.

They are the solution.


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