Hi All

Hope the day is being kind to you.

I have PPMS. This has caused my feet to have high ARCHES. This then causes my feet to lean inwards. And ankle instability.

I have been wearing specially made insoles in my shoes.

I use sticks and a wheelchair.

My feet are so very painful. My feet are burning hot at night, angry as hell (!) so constantly moving at night. And they spasm.

I now have a new problem. When putting my foot to the ground I get a stabbing pain in my heel. This rockets up my foot into my second toe. I cannot put any weight on this foot.

My physio says it is a new MS symptom.

I have a couple of questions Does any body else have this pain - if so have you found any relief?

Secondly - I need to find comfortable, supportive shoes. I don’t want to end up wearing trainers for life! Anyway, my friend an orthotics maker believes trainers aren’t the best this g for your feet.

Any help would be great.

Have a good weekend