MS Cafe/Community Club

Hi everyone,

I am new here and do not have MS myself, but my wife does.

I was wondering what the feeling would be toward a cafe/community club/bar(?) for anyone, but geared toward people with disabilities, in particular, MS.

In this project, I was imagining simple things such as large print menus, clearly labelled condiments, large print playing cards for poker tournaments, a projector on to a wall for playing computer games and watching films/tv. I realise some of this seems silly, but my wife really struggles with watching tv, was an avid gamer and struggles to play board games.

It would serve food and drinks, sell mobility products and other helpful things, as well as more novel creations. I was even thinking, for those at this stage, a dispenser for incontinence pads in the bathroom cubicles for discretion.

If it were successful, I would look to hire bands and comedians on a semi-regular basis.

In my mind, there would also be fair opportunity for those with MS, or other disabilities to work there, as I know it is very difficult for you guys in the workplace and my wife has been very fortunate (and discriminated against in the past).

I am not going to lie and say I would donate all the profit, but once the staff are paid and a modest salary (enough to pay the bills) was made for myself, I would donate a large portion to researching MS every month and some to further improving the service we could offer.

Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.

An excellent idea but there is a BUT with a capital B. BUT we are all over the country, nay…all over the world on this forum. How to make it possible for you would be to contact the MS Society or a local disability charity or perhaps your local council and do it that way.

There are many local MS Society groups so research what is near you first. If you find a gap make the council your first port of call.

By the way, where are you? Approximately that is!


Thanks Flo,

The next stage would be to attempt expansion, but I feel that would be years down the line.

I am currently in Lincolnshire, England.

Thank you for the advice, I will follow that up.