MS & Broken bones


I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS in 2015. Thankfully I [think] I have had just one relapse in the last 3 years, for which I am truly grateful. However I often get very tired for days at a time, my limbs feel like lead and the ‘brain fog’ comes and goes. What I wanted to ask about was does anyone have any experience of RRMS with broken bones?

I broke my arm back in February. Docs say the bone has healed now and I’m getting physio to regain the movement but it still hurts like mad. I’ve reached an impasse with getting back movement (it got better for a while now there’s no progress). I’m wondering if it’s taking longer than expected to get better because my brain isn’t getting the right signals to tell it to get healing or something.

Interestingly, while I was on the full dose co-codamol I got no MS symptoms whatsoever! Now I’m reducing the dose, to wean myself off, some of the symptoms are coming back. (Your liver turns co-codamol into morphine so it’s an opiate and can become addictive)

thanks for any advice,