Fracture bringing on a relapse?

Hi there :slight_smile:

I am new to this site and was diagnosed in June 2013 with RRMS. Have been quite lucky in that i have had very few relapses since, and each time there has been a relapse, i have had very minor symptoms.

However in August I fell and fractured my foot which brought on a relapse. I am still using a crutch and it has triggered symptoms in my hand and the MS hug,

I have had steroids and am now waiting to get FES and take baclofen for the hug. My question is, has anyone experienced anything similar? If so, how did you cope? How long did it last?

I am getting to my wits end! I am going to enquire about more steroids but not sure if this will be available again to me as I only had the steroids around about a month ago.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, Bone and the immune system interact closely during fracture healing. So it might be possible that a fracture could trigger or contribute to triggering an immune system reaction.

Hi Lenney thanks for your reply. I fractured my foot back in August so could this be my body fighting off the remainder of the healing process? (If that makes sense)!


If you had the steroids a month ago, they should still be working. Unfortunately sometimes steroids take a while to do anything to shorten a relapse (and sometimes they just don’t seem to help at all!). The idea is that steroids will hopefully shorten the relapse. They are not a cure. And your reaction to the steroids can differ each time you have them. Personally I’ve always felt that IV steroids work better than oral, but you really can’t rely on them. And I suspect you’ll not be given them for this relapse again, not quite so soon. But, no harm in asking your MS nurse (if you have one) or neurologist (if that’s possible). Your GP may be quite comfortable with high dose steroids and feel OK about re-prescribing them, but many GPs are not.

Hopefully the relapse will result in as much remission as possible and that you get FES etc soon.

By the way, Baclofen is usually prescribed for stiffness and spasms. I’ve not heard of it being given specifically for the ‘hug’. But it’s possible it might help.


Hi Sue Thanks that’s really helpful. I guess I will see what they say :slight_smile: and perhaps suggest IV to my doc. Appointment for FES is next weds so I’m hoping this will improve my gait and allow me to walk again normally! Yeah I think that about baclofen too but I think my hug is more referred pressies from my back from using my crutch. :slight_smile:

FES is a brilliant devise. Are you being assessed at Odstock? Or another FES type? I use the Odstock pace. It doesn’t do miracles and takes a bit of getting used to, but it should help. And getting it relatively quickly (since your foot drop started) is a good thing. It might make all the difference and you can park the crutch.


I’m not sure I’m getting it fitted by the physio on weds :slight_smile: have been doing lots of exercises too so hopefully the strength I have along with the device will really help and I can for sure park the crutch! Fingers crossed :slight_smile: If only I didn’t have the fracture - serves me right for trying heels again!!