MS Blogging

Hi all :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d share that I have started writing a blog about my MS and thought I’d share it here with you all :slight_smile: I am going to try to keep posting things that may help people who have recently been diagnosed and useful tips and tricks I’ve been taught (though obviously I’m still learning about MS myself!).

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions of things you’d like me to write about. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Rachel xxxxxx

Hi Rachel

Brilliant blog. If I didn’t have so much brain fog at the moment I possibly could come up with something, if it clears and I remember! will let you know. Well done

Cherry x

Hi rachel

great idea about the blog! I am 29 and was diagnosed only last month so all very new to me!

any new tips and tricks is always welcome :slight_smile:

saved the blog link into my homepage

Nicola x

Great blog.

I’d love to hear about your journey to diagnosis as that’s where I am now (selfish, or what lol). I saw the neuro on Tuesday last week and had to basically demand an MRI as he was so dismissive of my symptoms…

Look forward to your next post :slight_smile:

Lisa x

Hi Rachel, I enjoyed reading your blog too! I’ve still got one foot in limboland with an initial diagnosis of FND but going for a VEP test soon. MS is still a possibility, though my last neuro didn’t want to give me any labels. I’d also be interested to hear about your route to diagnosis.

Thanks for all the feedback! Just updated with my diagnosis story - hope I didn’t ramble too much! Xxx

Thankyou, that was well written and engaging! How interesting that you were sent off to do CBT. My neuro suggested that but as the wait was over a year (!) I ended up at a CFS/ME group therapy course (only 11 months later :/). I know that everyone’s experience is different and so comparing stories isn’t all that helpful sometimes. I’m one of those people who has a gut feeling that it’s MS but a clear MRI and other tests (so far…one more to go: VEP) say otherwise. But my intuition is sure that I’m right…Maybe I’ll follow the example of bloggers like yourself, one day, when I get a bit more clarity.

Great blog! Always good to put your feelings into words and blogging I feel gives us a chance to get through our feelings. Keep going…

My blog if you like reading them is

Yours is a good blog as well. Good luck with the meds.