Newbie...first post!

Been diagnosed with MS a couple of weeks ago, had an MRI at Croydon (open scanner… whooop! no claustrophobia!) and got given the all clear but after the consultant neurologist had a look he found lesions in the brain and spine. Have just phoned the helpline(really helpfull and a very sweet woman) but I’m lost as to what to do next. I’m being referred to the MS nurse and the GP & neurologist are cool but I feel as though I should be doing something but don’t know what. Main thing is how to tell the children i suppose…

All ideas on a postcard and sent to BN7…

You must get a lot of these posts but so apologies for any repetition of previous ones…


Hi Chris! So sorry to hear of your diagnosis - but at least you now know what has been wrong with you and you can now arm yourself for battle! x

I think it’s a case of going with the flow now and when you have seen your MS Nurse you will have a much better picture of what your options are.

In the meantime keep coming on here for advice & support x the Everyday Living forum is an awesome resource and the lovely peeps on there have all been where you are now!

All the very bestest! xxjenxx

Hi Chris, well for a newly diagnosed person, things are going in the right direction! You will be hearing from your ms nurse I hope. Give it a couple of weeks and if you havent heard, then ring her yeh?

Regarding how to tell the children…the MSS do a good booklet on how to deal with that. They do lots of literature, so have a browse of their list and order what you fancy reading.

luv Pollx

Thanks Jen & Poll, Jen, Battle! I was hoping for a mild skirmish at most… Thanks for replying, in a bit of a no mans land at the mo as MS seems so vague. Go with the flow is what the neuro & GP said, (first time i’ve had a hug from a GP). Generally, at the moment i’m adopting the ‘Keep Calm and Panic’ technique.