MS and some people's attitude

I am constantly amazed at some people’s attitudes and even more surprised that many people still don’t understand the simple guidelines of wheelchair etiquette. Read more:

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Hi, unlike The Highway Code, there isnt the equivalent for wheelies. Sadly! But then again, non users wouldnt read it...why would they? non car driver dont read The Highway Code...but some of em could do with it!

When I go for an appointment and the receptionists ask me to take a seat…I sometimes say, Thankyou, but Ive brought one with me`.

I dont know if it is a good or not so good thing if someone bends down to speak to me face to face, as opposed to them remaining upright…they may feel they are talking down to me…jury`s out on that one for me. What do you think?

In 99% of shops, offices, hospitals etc, I can get through one side of double doors, but lots of folk insist on opening both doors, even when I tell them there is no need…then they end up straddled twixt the doors and cause more bother than necessary, bless `em.

Interesting topic…it sure is a different world when we are at low level…oh, just remembered…I have been nearly mown down by car drivers who dont see me!


oops i seem to have ‘wandered’ into the pp board! i hope i will be forgiven… i am powerchair user but sometimes carer pushes me in maual chair. i have 3 regular carers but one of them once said to shop staff ‘i dunno-ask her cos shes the one with money!’ the assistant had the red face-not me! ellie


Hmm every time I get irritated by how I am treated when in a wheelchair I start to try and remember what I was like when I was upright…

I would like to think that I was spatially aware and conscious of the individual. I suspect that I was not as considerate as I think I was. Rather than thinking of this as a disability issue it should just be considered as a “good manners” issue. I was never taught much about manners at school, I have my parents to thank for my education in this respect. (oooo that is another word that gets mis used)



I’m still upright with a stick or crutches and was asked if I wasn’t “milking it, still using them”. I suppose with ms being an invisible illness people just don’t understand what it involves.

Cath x