Anger at non disabled people sitting in disabled seats refusing to move on trains and buses

We were traveling home frome a lovely family holiday at butlins skegness.On the way home at leicester station some ignorant people barged in front of my husband who with suspected ms and registered partially sighted needed a seat more than anyone else getting through disabled area to find able body people sitting in disabled area.Boy was i mad i shouted my husband is disabled and this is a disabled area.One p[erson reluctantly moved i shouted at the rest i was fuming its discusting.Because they were to lazy to go else where to find a seat i had a go at a man telling him he was no man he was a selfish pig lol xxx julie

How did you know they were not disabled? There are many disabling conditions that are not visible to others [MS, Epilepsy, Tumours, etc.]. Also age is not indicative as youngsters can also be affected by disabling conditions.

The man you shouted at may also have MS but did not want to share it with a train carriage full of people.

A fine for non disabled people sitting in disabled carrages would be a good idea about time they brought in something like this it makes me so angry,makes my blood boil. xx julie

Some people are just selfish, the younger they are, the more likely it is I reckon. I feel for you that you had to suffer that way - people still only appreciate visual problems more than anything else. I had a motorcycle accident nearly 3 years ago and had a great deal of metal work, because of this I had no cast or visual signs of injury. This meant I was in fear of anyone, from toddlers to old people, in case they tripped me up. Also, visual signs justify the reasons for using crutches (for 18 months in my case), it’s a funny world inside our minds.

Hope you manage to get a seat for your husband in future!

You’re absolutely right, but when I’ve been in that situation with my dad, and asked if they were disabled (a young person), they responded with f*** off you ****. In my mind, that indicates that they’re only disabled intellectually. You’re right that some disabilities are invisible - and I was one of them, as mentioned in my previous post.

Well said Liz. I read this post last night with some dismay and wondered exactly the same thing. I was trying to think of something to post along the lines that you did, but found myself seething with anger at the OPs assumption that none of the other passengers could have possibly been disabled.

Glad you said it for me.

Dawn x

Hi, as i read the post, I also wondered if those people already seated may have a disability which is unseen.

I think a calmer approach would`ve brought a btter outcome.

If folk who are fit and well do take seats for disabled, then I agree, it is selfish and unkind.

luv Pollx

I was thinking along the same lines. I sit in disabled seating sometimes, even though I don’t use mobility aids, and am fine to look at me. But my balance and strength are pretty shot, so I cannot always pick my way up and down the aisle of a sometimes packed and already-moving bus or train, with luggage and/or shopping.

I do like to think I’d make way for someone obviously in a worse state than me (guide dog, wheelchair, or whatever), but I’d be upset if someone shouted at me for being selfish, and for NOT being disabled (enough for them to see).

Then again, unless it was the local MS or epilepsy society outing, it does seem less likely that a whole bunch of people would all have invisible disabilities. But what if it was only one of them? Are they not to sit with their able-bodied friends or family?

I try always to carry my MS card, just in case I need to sit down, but am challenged by someone, for “not looking disabled”.


They didnt have a disability i heard the woman say to her husband when they got on with pushchair lets go into the disabled area.The man whispered to an elderly lady who was physically fit,Disabled people they just expect everyone to feel sorry for them they should try getting a job.You want to stick up for people like that its fine, but when i stick up for disabled people i do because i am a caring natured person.Even before my husband was disabled himself i used to got to day center to see a lad i was friends with who had polo.I grew up with repect for the less forfunate and are always willing to help people when ever i can.The elderly lady agreed with the bloke with his wife .My husband works he trys his best he only does 5 hrs a day he struggles i dont know how much long he can carry doing this for.I didnt hear them with this nasty comment but husband did.You just carry on sticking up for the lying toe rags i dont care. julie

Lady who went in disabled area with pushchair and partner knew was disabled area said as got on lets go in disabled area.They went in there because she couldnt be bothered to fold up pushchair.An elderly lady who was also sitting in there went in there as couldnt be bothered to go up other end of train.After i said something my husband heard the partner of woman with baby say disabled people just want them to feel sorry for them.They should try getting a job the elderly lady agreed.So it is fairly obveous they went disabled just selfish and i was right to have a go at them.My husband does work not that we told them that as they would of said something about that.There are too many do gooders who stick up for low lifes who clearly deserve what they get.They thought because they had a pushchair they had a right to be in seats and that old lady who wasnt disabled was just as bad as she agreed with him when he made that comment about disabled people should get jobs.