MS and menustration

I'm not completely certain but has anyone noticed a change in their symptoms around menustration. My pain has always been worse on my L at this time but this time since monday (just before I was due) I noticed my leg going numb again. Now my pins and needles are back my hand feels slightly weak and I'm getting the strange burning in my foot again.

I did overdo things on the weekend as I cleaned for four hours saturday and walked alot on sunday.

Sorry gross topic I know but has anybody else noticed a change with menustration or could I be having a new relapse of symptoms? They're not new but my pins and needles and foot numbness from my last episode had gone.

Just as I thought it was all getting better!



Hi Reemz,

It's a well-known phenomenon, I'm afraid, although nobody seems clear exactly why.

It may simply be that your body temperature rises during your period, and many people with MS find that heat or fever aggravate their symptoms.

If it's only during your period, it's not a proper relapse - just what's termed a "pseudo-relapse", which means a temporary worsening of symptoms, but not caused by a surge in disease activity, but by other things, such as an infection, overdoing things, or yes, hormones.

If it gets bad, you could try going on the pill, if you're not already, or other hormone-based contraception, as it tends to calm things down a bit.

I'd been suffering terrible periods for years, never realising they were aggravating an undiagnosed illness.

As soon as I was diagnosed, I knew my problem was bigger than just "bad periods", and immediately asked to go on the pill, as I realised the two were connected.

It's taken me two goes to find the right pill for me, as the first one didn't always work (which would have left me at risk of an unplanned pregnancy, had I been relying on it for that, as well as allowing a surge of MS symptoms).

The second one has proved more reliable - my body doesn't randomly ignore it, this time!



My left leg always feels like a red hot steel rod is being force through my knee and up into my hip,I have only realised it is only every month and goes after the first day.

Dont you just love HMS ms

Yes, my hands are always worsecatbtat time of month and I’m like a sack of spuds, unable to do much!

Thanks guys. I never noticed an obvious link before apart from my pain getting worse - it was only my partners casual comment the other day that really made me think. It makes sense now as I do find I get very hot when it's that time of the month.

Will see if my symptoms carry on once I've stopped. Might be the combo of over doing it and period together.

I was on the pill for a few years but was a nightmare getting the right one and when I came off it I had acne and all sorts so not keen to go back unless my symptoms really get bothersome but will keep it in mind.

Not diagnosed yet but it seems to look more and more likely - waiting for my second MRI result.

Thanks again guys - it's nice know you're not the only one experiencing these strange symptoms.



Hi Reemz

I have coil so no periods (godsend as they were really bad). 

However my symptoms are made worse by high temperatures and soaking in a bath!

Sarah x

Hi Sarah

Yes having a bath makes me worse too. I'm all fingers and thumbs when I come out - it was one of the first things I noticed when my symptoms started.

A coil is a good alternative to the pill I guess - thanks for that :-)

Slightly worried as I'm going on holiday to Cyprus with my family in a few months- not sure what the heat there is going to do to me!



Abroad heat isn't the same at all in my opinion, went to Egypt in January and felt much better, but then we nothing but laze about on holiday so that probably helps.

One of my tenants is a longterm MS sufferer and she too has no problems with abroad heat xxx

Hope this 'Breaking News' will help you girls. lts from

Women who experience painful menstrual cramps could find relief from high-dose Vitamin D3.. - According to a placebo controlled trial, which demonstrates that vitd3 provides an alternative to currently used painkilling drugs. have sent me a email with all the info. Also, apparently - vitamin d3 has 'shrunken' fibroids in laboratary rats. [poor rats].

lf you google the above website they will send you the info - or you can 'pm' me your email address and l can forward it to you. 

Hope this is helpful


I just ordered some (been meaning to anyway for my MS but have fibroids too), you took the leg work out of it for me.  So much is Vit D releated!  Bargain price £15.50 for 6 months.

Thank you F xxx

That is a bargain of vitamin D3 - I bought a big stash a while back so I'm well stocked up for the mo :-). Thanks about the holiday advice - may have to tell my family I'm not going to be quiet as active as the rest of them (they walk 5-6 miles site seeing etc on our usual holidays). As long as I'm ok lounging by the pool and reading a good book I'm happy :-) Thanks.



I didn't find my period worsensed my symptoms in the slightest. I am still recoving well from my episode. I find showers or baths really make me sweat and burn up for about an hour aftwrwards though! I hate having showers or baths now because it is almost unbearable. I don't want to reduce water temperature though as I feel really susceptible to the coldness. It almost shocks me if the water temp is too low. I wish I didn't have to wash! lol

Quick question to those of you that have ordered Vit D3, where did you get it from? and also do they do a childs dose?. Am looking for a supplier who I can order from for this and other Vits.

Thanks DL xXx

I know midnightmoon - I use to love baths and particularly at that time of the month when you're in pain. Now like you my neuro symptoms flare up if it's hot and I can't tolerate too cold. It's frustrating. Showers thankfully aren't as bad if I keep them short.

Dragon Lady - I bought mine on a special a my local healthfood store but if you google vitaminD3 theres a website with that name that has a good special as one the ladies above suggested.