MS and FND

Hi I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2021, and in 2022 with FND.
I have completed a 2 year course of Mavenclad/Cladribine and was told I would have a MRI last October which would be my new baseline, unfortunately my Neurologist forgot to request it. Since October last year I have been suffering with Migraines/headaches which my Neurologist without seeing me has decided are down to FND. My Dr has requested an MRI Scan, I just wanted to ask does anyone else feel dismissed by their Neurologist?

Not dismissed no but I tend to think that when they reach ‘Consultant’ level a lot of Drs ditch their bedside manners and also start treating the disease/condition rather than the patient. Mine can be rather abrupt and sometimes seems not to be listening. Asking direct questions seems to help e.g ‘ why do you think the headaches are caused by FND and, ‘given that I didn’t receive an MRI can you tell me exactly when I will now receive one and what can be done to bring it forward’.

It’s shouldn’t be like this but e.g hinting that you want to complain about the forgotten MRI mighg help

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Thank you for responding, I have repeatedly asked for an update on MRI was told by MS nurse that there is currently a backlog and they can’t give me a date. Also informed that my Neurologist has an extremely large list and they are currently moving some of his patients to other Neurologists if this happens to me, I shouldn’t take it personally :thinking: