MS and Epilepsy

MS and Epilepsy


About three years ago, my hip went numb, went to dr, they said trapped nerve, a year later knee went numb, the hip was still numb, dr sent me for x ray and said it was coming from my spine. Then my upper right arm went went numb but I thought they are all connected. Last year I went to Drs as I thought I was goin through change. She did bloods and then came back to m and said that I was lacking in Vitamin D and Folic Acid and she put me on a three month course of tablets. In March I had a tonic clonic seizure and was taken to hospital, bloods, urine the works and CAT scan done. Was referred for MRI Scan of brain which was done on 13th June. It came back showing that I have lesions in my brain and swelling. Had my first appointment with Neurologist last week, had shed loads of bloods taken, been booked in for EGG, MRI of spine, lumbar puncture booked too. He has just telephoned me to say that he is going on holiday for 3 weeks but wants to put me onto anti epileptic drug until all tests are carried out. I am 45. He said that he thinks my other symptoms, fatigue, dizziness, eye tics support MS he says I could have both. It was bad enough being told about the MS but do any other people out there have fits

Hi Fiona, I had Fits when i was small and am now having like where u can feel ele trical charges in my brain although will have to look into it it feels like when u switch a computer on and electricity goes into your brain some how its hard to describe. Why the Question? Dolphin 500.

You might find this blog interesting.

Hello Fiona,

I have MS and Epilepsy. I was diagnosed with MS last summer after an MRI and lumbar puncture, following double vision and a couple of bouts of numbness and weakness.

I started having complex seizures at xmas last year, and after a MRI and EEG it was found that I had a lesion on the tempral lobe which lead to the Epilepsy.

I am curretly taking medication for both, Copaxone for MS and Oxcarbazepine for Epilepsy.

I hope you get the answers you want and need very soon!

Good Luck and Best Wishes x

Hi Fiona, I was dx with MS in 2009. On boxing day last year my husband was woken by me having a tonic clonic seizure, so he called an ambulance. I had a couple of partial seizures (very powerful feeling of deja vu) during January, and after various investigations my neuro said he thought that the fits were caused by an MS lesion (penny sized on my MRI) on my temporal lobe. He put me on Keppra to prevent further seizures, and (touch wood!) I’ve not had any epileptic symptoms since. I have a follow up appointment with him next week, and am hoping he will agree to me trying to stop the Keppra to see if I remain seizure free. The worst thing is not being able to drive, but I’ve really got used to that now. Good luck, Gilly xxx

Thanks for replying. I have my lumbar puncture date of 14th August. Is it sore? And how long does it take you to recover?

Hi Fiona, I hope your’e feeling good today.

I have had Epilepsy for around 40yrs now, (I’m 53) I’ve taken several anti-convulsants over the years settling on Sodium Valporate and Phenytoin and only for the last 10 has it been really controlled after I also started taking Lamotrigine. After having a routine check-up at my doc’s she let slip that my Neuro had written to say I probably had MS as there was some de-myelination on my old MRI but he hadn’t told me as I wasn’t presenting any symptoms! I demanded another MRI and lumber-puncture to make sure and was formally diagnosed in 2008.

My lumbar-puncture didn’t hurt one bit, I had heard some awfull stories about having one done but I must have great doctors up here in Sunderland as I was seen as an out-patient and was back home the same day, no headache, nothing! I hope yours is the same.

I’ve been having spasms in my legs first thing in the morning for a long time now and they seem to be getting worse so my MS Nurse has prescribed Gabapentin to see if it helps but as it is an anti-epileptic drug I don’t know whether to take it as I dont want to mess with my current medication in case I start having seizures again, does anyone have any thoughts?

Yes, diagnosed with MS in October 2000, started having epileptic fits last year. Had 4 so far. Life just keeps getting better and better (not).

Hi I have epilepsy and ms. I was diagnosed with both at the same time. Had seizures they discovered the ms while investigating the seizures. I am fortunate that the epilepsy is controlled with medication.