MS and eating disorders?

Soooooo, I’m trying to do my best to understand and get a grip on my bullimic binging and purging eating problems. Forum searches comes up blank.

Looking into my issues, it seems that there were a few studies back in the late 90’s about eating disorders and multiple sclerosis and about serotonin receptor take up in eating disorders.

But after a big enthusiastic ‘There might be something here!!’ launch, nothing seems to have come out of it all.

Might be a bit too specific, but does anyone know of any rumors of any links between SSRI’s and other anti depressants and eating disorders?

Did anyone find any links between MS and idiotic eating? Is there a higher risk?

Just curious.

Much love x

l haven’t heard of anyone on this forum who have said they suffer from eating disorders. l know a lot of us admit to eating too much and wish we could lose some weight. Some find they cannot keep weight on.

MS is an auto-immune disease along with diabetes/parkinsons/osteo-arthtritis/osteo-porosis/Crohns disease/Coeliac/hypertension/ lrritable Bowel / and 17 types of cancer. All of these are linked to a deficiency in Vitamin D3.

You just need to google vitamin d3 ms deficiency for info. Vitamin d3 also helps with depression as does B12.

Many of us have tried different eating regimes - not just for weight control - but more for ‘feeling good’. Personally, l find if l do not eat any grain - so thats no bread/cereal/biscuits/cakes etc l feel more energised. Carbs just make me tired and upset my digestion. l eat lots of protein - meat/fish/nuts and lots of dark veg/salad and berries. Plus natural yoghurt for probiotics.

l do take LDN - which boosts endorphin levels making me feel more positive and able to cope with ms symptoms - not a cure but certainly keeps me feeling ‘on the up’.

Be interesting to hear from others experiences.

Sorry, Sock!

Never had any sort of eating disorder, and have been diagnosed with MS since 1999.

Have never heard of any suspected link between them, but others may have? Let’s see what others have experienced?