Ms and diabetes

I have just been diagnosed with diabetes, I didn’t feel ill and it wasn’t expected, but the symptoms were masked by MS symptoms. Just wondered if anyone else has both and how are they coping as I am now twice as exhausted, also is there any connect with the two?

Sorry posted twice by mistake


I think I remember someone on here saying us with MS are more likely to have diabetes. I’ve got them both - they were both picked up at the same time. I generally cope OK with it. I’m pretty sensible with my diet - I don’t eat cakes or biscuits, make sure I get plenty of veg & fruit, and complex carbs & wholegrains rather than high GI stuff or processed food. I don’t eat much bread, but I’ve noticed that white bread can leave me feeling lethargic so I have wholegrain brown bread instead. Little & often is generally the recommendation to try & keep the blood sugar relatively stable, and keep my energy levels steady. I take Metformin as well & that’s helped to keep things under control. Getting exercise is good too, as it helps to burn off the glucose in our blood.

Hope you get on OK adjusting to it.


Thanks Dan, it’s a whole new learning curve for me diabetes, but looking on the diabetes forum it sounds like I haven’t been told enough!