MS and diabetes

I’ve just had a call from my gp receptionist telling me that after a blood test on Monday, the diabetic nurse wants to see me urgently! As if having MS isn’t enough!

I’ve got an appointment tomorrow afternoon, but now can’t stop crying about it all, I realise that sounds silly!

Does anyone know if the two are linked?

Thanks in advance

Jen x

Hi Jen Sorry to hear this. I think I’ve read somewhere before we’re at a greater risk. When I first got ms symptoms and the docs were investigating it, a blood test showed I was diabetic. My brother had both as well. I started managing it with diet, but am on pills now. To be honest I don’t think about it much. I just avoid sugar and only have small portions of carbs, which is better for all of us anyway! If you have got it, I’m sure you’ll be able to modify diet without too much problems. Dan

Hello Jen, I was actually diagnosed the other way round. T2 diabetic in 2013 and PPMS in November 2017 and somewhere in between those two (around 2016/early 2017) I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). Although I believe they are all classed as autoimmune diseases when I asked the haematologist if there was a link, especially between the ITP and MS, she said there wasn’t. Good luck tomorrow and hope all goes well. MS2017