MS and Chronic small vessel disease?

Hi folks, plucked up the courage to make an intro post…

So I had an MRI last week finally after a few years of different paths which led me nowhere. My GP rang me up to say that there were signs of MS and I would need to be referred to a neurologist. Fair enough, I’m still taking that in, not a diagnosis I’d even considered at age 55. But hey, onward I go into the world of MS building up more questions and reading up here as I go.

After searching the forums however I only spotted 4 mentions of chronic small vessel disease but it seems there may be MS crossover links. So I’m not entirely sure which way I’m heading. Yes I have BP issues along with many tablets to control it. But that’s just one of the things about me. Could it be the cause of chronic small vessel disease though?

I have a reasonable list of symptoms which ‘fit’ the MS type also so it’s a bit confusing at this point.

The one thing I glad of however is that I’m not alone on the journey obviously, nice to meet you all and hope to see you all around.

More to come no doubt but that’s enough for me today folks.

Hi There,
I was diagnosed last year aged 56 so it does happen later in life.
Good luck.

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Hi @Lindylou1! So glad to hear of someone else my age. It’s a bit of a shock, but looking back now it’s starting to add up and make sense.

Just the inevitable wish to get a first neurologist appointment now but I won’t hold my breath. Still at work at the moment but feeling shattered and dizzy every day.