In waiting

Hi everyone.

I’m not sure I should be here just yet, but wasn’t sure where else to go.

About six months ago I started having the sensation that someone was pulling on my left shoulder and occasionally I’d topple with it.

I got sent for an MRI of my head that showed multiple non-specific white matter lesions.

Then about a month ago I woke up and my whole upper body jerked repeatedly for several minutes. When I got up my head kept jerking back and to the left. They’ve now settled into a pattern where I get lots of them during the day for a couple of days then a couple of relatively quiet days.

In the last week though they’ve spread to my upper body. I’ve got an MRI on Sunday and this time they’re scanning my neck as well.

My GP gave me a copy of my consultant’s letter to him and it contained this:

“Non-specific white matter change some of which may be small vessel disease. Not typically inflammatory although one small lesion involving the PV white matter at posterior lat ventricle is unusual place for small vessel disease.”

I Googled. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did.

MS came up quite a bit in those searches. So I thought I’d come here and see if any of this made sense to any of you?

Does it?

hi walker i’m afraid that even 10 years after diagnosis, i can’t make head nor tail of MRI reports. there is a sticky at the top of the forum by a lady called rizzo who is quite an expert on them. at least you have another MRI on sunday. have a look at what rizzo has to say.

Thanks Catwoman. There’s a LOT of information there.

Working my way through it to see what’s relevent.

Had my MRI yesterday. The parting comment was “I’m sure they’ll be in touch soon.” which didn’t fill me with warm fuzzy feelings.