Non specific cerebral liasons, what is this?

Hi, I hope someone understands this terminology. I phoned my GP to see if there were any results back from MRI and she could see summary radiologist made for nuerologist but neurologist has not reported results yet. GP said something along lines of not consistent with ms but is three non specific cerebral liasons in right hemisphere, she doesn’t understand terminology so says we will have to await report. Anyone on here that can make any sense of this?

Hi Rosie - well I have multiple spine lesions and a few brain ones, but the Neuro said the brain ones could be due to something else - he actually mentioned smoking which annoyed me intensely because I gave up smoking 30 years ago - in the end the LP confirmed MS. So basically the message is that the brain can have lesions that have been caused by something other than MS. Good luck x

Your GP should have said nothing to you. if they dont understand then how the hell do they expect you too. I would just wait for the report obviously something is going on. but it might not be MS.

what side are you affected? I mean i am on the left. you can draw a line down the middle lol. left.


Got results from G.P today of MRI, states " there were a few non-specific white matter abnormalities noted but no hallmark inflammatory lesions seen…In particular there was no evidence of any brain stem abnormality that explain her diplopia’ (Double vision).

I previously asked here about non-specific brain legions as that was what was reported by radiology. I am not being offered a neurology appointment but G.P can refer and the waiting time will be 6 months for urgent, 24 months routine, she could refer as urgent but says that they may change that to routine given MRI. I have been off work 7 weeks now and feel no better with a vast range of symptoms and don;t know what to do next. I think i will get a private neurology appointment as i do not understand how there can be abnormaliltes/ lesions but MRI seen as normal. Anyone ever in a similar position? In answer to you crazy chick i have been monitoring symptoms since you asked and my symptoms are mainly left side but not exclusively so.