MS Active

I think my ms is active my right leg feels funny and fills funny and likes to collapse and feels like dead weight waiting till next month anew medication will be coming out not sure of the name of it. I have a AP on the 29th of this month.


Hello Bea.

That sounds like a right pain.

Do you have a stick or any other means of support? I have the occasional spasm where my left knee just goes.

Take care, Steve

I have a roll wagon never use it in he house but soon I will have to I only use it if i wanna go out of the house thats why i never use it in the house cause husband says its to dirty. Thanks for the reply


Why not get another one just for inside?

I thought of the same thing but have to speak to my husband cause he would say but this house it to small or great another thing standing around he really doesn’t understand what we are up against or doesn’t want to face it but after my dr appointment I will ask about it maybe then he will understand really where we are.