Just a quick question

Hi All,

Ive been reading for a few years now and can say all of you have really helped me get thru the past few years… I was diagnosed in June 2015 with progressive, but they are unsure if its Primary or secondary ???

Over the past few years things have progressed my eyesight is getting worse, my left leg doesn’t want to play ball anymore and keeps tripping me up, literally, dizziness is driving me nutty, weight lose is not nice ive gone from a healthy 16/18 to a, as my husband calls me a size 6/8 smackhead… Excuse the phrasing but there is no other way of putting it… And his answer to MS is diet and exercise, which i get to a certain point… I work full time and refuse to give my job it just yet but i know its coming, i travel up and down the country so if the MS doesnt take it the DVLA will !!!

Anyway moan over as i could go on forever !!! As i think all of us could…

Question: Ive been getting really nasty pains in my right hand, which is strange because it all seems to happen on my left side, The pains are in my knuckles and fingers, they ache terrible, but the new thing which has happened a couple of times is my hand locks in a deformed position… Is this right, i know its not but is this just another symptom to add to the ever growing list…


Hi Katty, in answer to your question, “is this right?” Well yes, it probably is. Locking knuckles & other joints can come on quite often & soon release. It can be painful but mostly inconvenient. Good for you still being able to drive and work. Carry on making the most out of life.

Chrissie x

Hi Chrissie,

Thank you…

My independence is everything to me i’m not a person that can ask for help, if i cant do it then it doesn’t get done and i know it’s coming, everyday is a challenge, as you well know. But as you said im just making the most of it now while i can…

Katty xx