I hade MS for 15 years going 16 years now will it get a bit better? I can’t walk now for the passed 8 months & it sucks!

Hi Anon, are you diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS?

If so, you will know that symptoms can go up and down on daily basis, but unfortunately it is a progressive condition with very little in the way of treatment.

Why not tell us a bit more about yourself? We are a friendly gang and always happy to welcome a new member. It’s hard to give a good reply to ‘Anon’ and so little information.

Take care and best wishes,

Pat x

You are right it sucks. I am going thro much the same, Iv had this for the same length and like you am now stuck in a wheelchair. I am in the process of facing reality, and accepting my life as it is and not as it was. Some days I can some days its harder. But this forum and all the people on it will help. A friend has just had her cancer return and now faces a time limit, things could be so much worse. I’m sorry if reading this makes you want to throw your PC out the window! I must admit not so long ago when people said things like that I couldn’t appreciate the sentiment, but it is said to help. Pat is right to encourage you to talk it will help, we all need a good rant…

I was stuck in bed for weeks on end a while back but with a dose of rehab ad at least I am up and in my wheelchair life is like a box of chocholates but at the moment I keep geeting the strawberries you know them ones left at the end of the box hat no one wants At least I am outta bed though